Presented by ePayPolicy

The InsurTech
Agency Award

Now accepting applications for 2019

Presented by ePayPolicy

The InsurTech
Agency Award

Now accepting applications

Presented by ePayPolicy

The InsurTech
Agency Award

Now Accepting Applications

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The 2019 InsurTech Award

The winner will be the agency that has best leveraged technology solutions across their sales, marketing, and customer service functions.

Additionally, each applicant will receive an Insurance Technology Adoption Score (i.e. an “ITA Score”), a subjective measure of an agency’s competitive standing in the insurance space, along with comprehensive reporting including feedback, tips, and opportunities to improve.

The Grand Prize

Over $7,500 worth of services and products

$1,000 Cash
$1,000 Of Tech Services
1 Year of Consulting
1 Year of ePayPolicy
National Press Coverage

Token Distribution
The Founders

Each Section Is Review and Scored

How We Select The Grand Prize Winner

Responses across all 4 categories will be analyzed and given an ITA score.
The agency with the highest accumulative ITA score will be the 2019 InsurTech Award Winner.

Client & Prospect Engagement

Using social media and email automation can strengthen brand awareness across channels and keep your clients engaged

Technology Vision

With the growth of InsurTech across the industry finding solutions that your clients will love is achievable and affordable

Day to Day Operations

Using apps such as Slack and Trello will significantly improve your communication and project management across teams

Technology Investment

With innovation comes opportunity, invest in a mix of InsurTech solutions that benefit your team and clients

The Founders
Token Architecture


Finding The Right Solution For Your Agency

Never before has the industry been filled with so many simple yet
powerful InsurTech solutions that an agency can deploy quickly and effectively.

Management Systems

Automate your agency with innovative cloud-based insurance software

AI Chat Bots

Digitize claims processing, deliver quotes and provide instant support to customers

Email Automation

Set up powerful, automated email campaigns that turn new clients into long-term partners

Social Media Management

Form real connections with those who love your brand across social channels

Operations & Communications

Keep track of everything, from the big picture projects to the small detailed tasks

Digital Payment Processing

Provide the convenience of digital payments to your clients and improve the UX

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